Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh K.

eSec Forte® Technologies

As the Vice President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at eSec Forte, I lead a team of highly skilled professionals who provide cutting-edge solutions and services to clients across various sectors and geographies. I have over 23 years of experience in the cyber domain, with a strong background in cyber defense, cyber audit, cyber law, and cyber policy and strategy.

I am passionate about advancing the field of digital forensics and incident response, and sharing my knowledge and insights with the wider community. I have been a speaker, author, and mentor in various national and international platforms, and have received multiple awards and recognitions for my innovative and impactful work. I am also an expert witness, an adjunct faculty, and a scheme committee member for prestigious institutions and organizations in the cyber domain. My mission is to empower and enable organizations and individuals to protect and enhance their digital assets and capabilities.