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Empowering India's Cyber Guardians Suryadatta Cybex Conclave 2024

Welcome to the Suryadatta Cybex Conclave, an exclusive rendezvous for seasoned IT security leaders propelling India’s technological frontier. In an era where innovation is the lifeline for business survival and growth, navigating the accelerating landscape of digital evolution demands foresight and resilience. As a vanguard in security and risk management, empower your enterprise to seamlessly adopt future technologies today while prioritizing safety.


Enhance Efficiency & Productivity: Embrace Smart Work Methods

While factory automation has long been a manufacturing cornerstone, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ calls for even stronger connectivity across organizational operations. A recent study highlighted the challenge of weaving a change management strategy throughout the value chain as manufacturing’s current pinnacle.

Digital advancements like the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, machine learning, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence are reshaping production, employee roles, and customer satisfaction. The demand for innovative solutions is prompting leaders to amplify their smart manufacturing capabilities to tackle challenges head-on.

Our expert panel and industry trailblazers will provide invaluable insights to help you maneuver through technologies, processes, and cultural shifts necessary for a refined business strategy and assured success.

In parallel with the exhibition, India Smart Tech Manufacturing conference is bringing smart technology to its sponsors and delegates. Smart technologies are required to promote change in the supply chain, product design, and productivity, coupled with the emergence of new objectives. High- level speakers will share their insights in insightful keynotes and panel discussions

What You'll Discover Here are SIX themes we'll explore at India Smart Tech Manufacturing Conference

Moving past data-driven customer service to data-driven reconfiguration of not just processes or factories, but entire businesses, and even industrial sectors

  • Collect, share, and leverage big data
  • Experience AI-driven scenario-based requisitely-agile business transformation
  • Trace the contours of the new ecosystem economy

Unpacking the Clusters and Super Clusters model

  • Take advantage of government incentives
  • Identify the drivers that reorganize your industry
  • Compete to create niches, cooperate to fill them

Get your solutions into customer hands by partnering with larger enterprises, pathfinding through new contexts, and reconfiguring their offerings with your contribution

  • Uncover the secrets of new customers - aka "pathfinding" - for larger enterprises
  • Design and sell configuration options instead of products
  • Avoid lock-in and contribute across clusters

In recent years, groundbreaking technologies like IoT, Edge Computing, 5G, and AI have unveiled both immense business potential and substantial risks in a more interconnected world.

  • Effective solutions against intelligent attacks and safeguarding critical assets
  • Priority elements for bolstering security protection
  • Integrating 'security by design' without hindering productivity or user experience

AI, robotics, and automation empower supply chain organizations to enhance transparency and sustainability.

  • Utilizing AI, analytics, and the Cloud for robust supplier risk management
  • Strategies for building resilient supply chains and addressing technology gaps

A sustainable foundation is built through your connected value chain and digital thread.

  • Educating next-gen engineers on sustainable manufacturing concepts
  • Leveraging AI-powered advanced engineering systems for sustainability
  • Automated data analytics and metric reporting's role in supporting ESG and sustainable manufacturing journeys.

Who Should Attend?

Join top decision makers from healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, energy and utilities and other industries

  • CISOs, CIOs, CROs
  • Heads of Product & Innovation
  • Heads of Strategy & Technology
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Transformation Executives
  • Operations & Supply Chain Executives
  • Governance, Sourcing & Procurement Leaders
  • Heads of Business Services
  • Business & IT Management
  • Digital Officers
  • Senior Business Strategists

Event Perks Key Take Away

Limited Place !

To create an intimate setting conducive to interaction and networking, we limit the number of attendees.

We hope to see you in:


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